Bohra Nattha Singh Education Institute (BNS College of Pharmacy) situated at Bhilawati, Runkata-Raibha Road,Agra in Uttar Pradesh, It was established  in 2019 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, Bohra Nattha Singh Education Institute (BNS College of Pharmacy) has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the Bohra Nattha Singh Education Institute (BNS College of Pharmacy) has pioneered change in the sector. Institute have extraordinary facilities & infrastructure like A/C Classrooms Auditorium, Boys Hostel, Cafeteria, Girls Hostel, Gym, Hospital / Medical Facilities, Hostel, Labs, Library, Shuttle Service, Big Sports Garden, Wi-Fi Campus to our students.

Chairman’s Message

We are possibly living in one of the most exciting era in the history of mankind. Scientific innovations are taking place at a breath-taking pace, irrevocable changing the way we survive by efforts and correspond. Horizons are expanding, even as the world is shrinking. Today’s borderless world, what happens thousands of miles away is also inextricably linked to you.

Yes, these are certainly exciting times to live in. They are also the most challenging times. Succeeding in these changing in the blink of an eye times demands new knowledge, new training and new skills. This then, is what the flagship institutions of the BNS College, aims to do prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges through contemporary course, relevant training and future proof skills.

Rules & Regulations

Attendance :
  • A student should have secured minimum 75% attendance in the classes as prescribed by University, failing which he/ she shall not be allowed to appear in the University Examination.
  • The students have to be punctual and should reach at least 5 minutes prior to the lecture timings in the lecture rooms.
  • Appearing in all the mid term examinations is mandatory.
Identity Card :
  • No student will be allowed to enter the college without his/her Identity card.
  • Students are required to wear their Identity card in the college campus.
Hostel/Tuition and Bus fee :
  • All the fees including Hostel fee, Tuition fee and Bus fee is to be deposited at the beginning of the session in due time.
  • Delay or irregularity in fee submission may lead to heavy fine.
Discipline :

The college maintains high standard of discipline. Following are deemed to be some of the acts of indiscipline.

  • Non-compliance of order, notices and college/hostel rules.
  • Non-compliance of instructions of the staff member.
  • Use of unfair means & Mobile in the examinations and in the Lecture rooms.
  • Misuse and damage of college property.
  • Non-participation in college activities.
  • Provoking students to take part in strikes, morchas etc.

Student involved in any act of indiscipline is liable to strict disciplinary action as per the recommendation of discipline committee.

Warning :
  • As per the supreme court directive, Ragging is a criminal offence and punishable under IPC.
  • It is mandatory for the college to register FIR for any form of Ragging.
  • Seeking No Ragging Certificate from college is must prior to leaving the college.
Awards & Scholarships :

The college management has introduced Awards & Scholarship schemes to motivate students to excel in their academic pursuits.

Deserving students from economically backward families are helped with scholarship as per norms.